Parade Announces New DisplayPort™-to-VGA Converter Chips with Ultralow Power

Posted April 29th, 2013

New Converter Chips Extend Battery Life in Ultraportable Personal Computers and Peripherals

San Jose, CA—30 April 2013—Parade Technologies Ltd. (Taiwan OTC: 4966.TWO), a leading video display and interface IC supplier, today announced two DisplayPort-to-VGA converter chips for the personal computer market.  These devices feature lower power consumption and smaller package sizes than similar devices on the market.

DisplayPort is the latest video interface for the personal computer industry, and DisplayPort is now supported by virtually all computer chip sets.  Many computer chip sets no longer support the older VGA video interface, partly because VGA requires a higher output voltage swing that is difficult to support with the sub-micron chip technologies that are now common.

For many personal computer users, however, a VGA system output is still required to support legacy VGA displays, including projectors.  By adding Parade’s new PS8613 DisplayPort-to-VGA converter to a personal computer motherboard, manufacturers can offer a VGA system output even if the host processor and video processor have migrated to the now ubiquitous DisplayPort chip interface. The PS8613 consumes just 0.2 milliwatts in standby mode, helping to extend battery life in portable systems when the VGA output is not in use. The PS8613 requires no firmware, programming, nor any other configuration or interaction from the system host.

For new personal computer systems that provide only a DisplayPort output, with no VGA port, the computer industry offers low-cost after-market video format converters, or dongles, that incorporate DisplayPort-to-VGA converters.  Parade’s new PS8617 DisplayPort-to-VGA converter is designed to be used in such converter devices.  The PS8617 includes a ROM memory interface for device firmware, allowing the PS8617 to be optimized for specific video adapter and system peripheral applications.

“DisplayPort-to-VGA adaptors are becoming a way of life for the PC system vendor,” says Jimmy Chiu, Executive VP of Marketing at Parade Technologies.  “Because of the large installed base of business projectors, the need for VGA will continue to exist for many users.  With VGA support disappearing on chip sets, there are several DisplayPort-to-VGA adaptor chips to choose from in the market, but none offer the low power and small packages that the PS8613 and PS8617 offer.  With the move towards more portable systems and the emphasis on light weight and battery life, Parade has received many requests for products like these.”

The PS8613 and PS8617 support VGA output resolutions up to 1920×1200 (WUXGA) at 60Hz refresh, and are compatible with both DisplayPort 1.1 and 1.2 source devices.  The devices accept one or two Main Link lanes with link rates of 1.62 or 2.7 Gigabits-per-second at the DisplayPort input.  Optional device control is provided through a dedicated I2C interface.

According to independent market research estimates, more than 400 million DisplayPort-enabled systems will ship annually by 2014. As an acknowledged industry leader in DisplayPort-enabling technology, Parade is a leading supplier of DisplayPort conversion devices. The company’s product portfolio includes a range of devices for converting DisplayPort to LVDS, DVI, HDMI, and VGA.

Product Availability

The PS8613 and PS8617 devices are sampling now, with production quantities expected in Q4, 2013.

The PS8613 is packaged in a 5x5mm 40-pin TQFN, and will be priced at $1.55 / ea. in high volume.

The PS8617 is packaged in a 4.5×6.5mm 46-pin QFN, and will be priced at $1.75 / ea. in high volume.

About Parade Technologies, Ltd. and Parade Technologies, Inc.

Parade Technologies, Ltd. (Taiwan OTC: 4966.TWO) is a leading fabless supplier of mixed-signal ICs for a variety of popular display and high-speed interface standards used in computers, consumer electronics and display panels. Parade’s portfolio of IC products serves the growing demand for DisplayPort™, eDP™ (Embedded DisplayPort), HDMI®, MHL®, SATA, and USB ICs for display, storage and interface applications.

Parade leverages its close relationships with market-leading Tier-1 OEMs to develop ICs that provide unique system capabilities. Many of the company’s devices integrate proprietary technologies that offer superior system signal integrity, advanced system integration and enhanced power efficiency. As a result of the company’s “standards-plus” design philosophy, Parade ICs have been designed into products offered by nearly every leading computer and display vendor worldwide.

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