Display System

Parade is an innovator and market leader for LCD panel Timing Controllers, Source Drivers, and Integrated Display Driver solutions.

Touch Interface

Our TrueTouch® touchscreen products offer the best available noise immunity and wet finger performance, and we offer Display Controller integration.

Digital Signaling

We are the recognized leader in high speed signal conditioning and switching for interfaces that include USB, DisplayPort, HDMI, and PCIe.

Display System Innovation

One of Parade’s specialties is highly integrated, high-performance display subsystem ICs. We are the leading supplier of LCD panel Timing Controller (Tcon) devices incorporating the Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) video interface, used by all top-tier LCD panel vendors and PC OEMs. In addition to many advanced features, we offer customization and system optimization, best-in-class color processing, reliable high-speed data interfaces with error detection, and the lowest power consumption.

Parade also specializes in LCD source drivers that utilize our patented point-to-point interface called SIPI™ (Scalable Intra Panel Interface), which provides both the reduced bus width and the increased performance required for next generation displays.
By combining our Tcon, source driver, and touch technology, in addition to the backlight controller, imaging processing, self-refresh frame buffer and other functions, all on one chip, Parade offers integrated display systems that are truly innovative.

Display Panel Products

Touch Interface Innovation

Parade’s TrueTouch® touchscreen products offer a broad portfolio of touchscreen solutions. Acquired from Cypress in 2015, TrueTouch has been adopted by more customers and into more end applications than any other touch solution in the industry. We offer solutions for single touch, two-finger touch, and full multi-touch capability for screen sizes from 1.5 to 10.1”.

Our TrueTouch solutions are noted for unmatched charger noise immunity, waterproofing and wet finger tracking capability, along with fast refresh and scan rates, excellent accuracy and multi-finger linearity, and low power consumption. Let us help innovate your next touch-enabled interface.

True Touch Products

Digital Signaling Innovation

Parade is a leader in signal conditioning, repeater, re-timer, and port switching devices for high-speed digital interfaces including USB, DisplayPort, HDMI, PCI Express, and SATA. In addition to providing the most advanced signal conditioning and receiver robustness, we also offer the lowest power consumption. Enabling higher data rates with longer battery life is why Parade leads in digital signal innovation.

For example, our popular jitter-cleaning repeaters extend cable lengths by automatically de-skewing and re-clocking the high speed interface to remove signal lose and distortion. We are also the leader in USB-C connectivity devices, which include port configuration switches with integrated re-driver and port controller functions. And to further enable connectivity, we are a leading supplier of format converters such as DisplayPort to HDMI protocol converters.

Signal Integrity Products