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chipimage-bw Parade Technologies develops and supplies integrated display and display interface solutions to a world-class customer base. Parade is a proven industry leader in mixed-signal circuit innovation and design, delivering advanced and cost-effective high-speed display interface solutions.


Featured Product

DP643  –  eDP 1.3 LCD Timing Controller with Integrated Panel Self-Refresh (PSR) Frame Buffer

The DP643, a member of the DP633, DP643, and DP653 product family, is the world’s first Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) LCD panel timing controller (Tcon) that implements the PSR (Panel Self-Refresh) function using an on-chip frame buffer, significantly reducing power consumption and extending battery life.  The DP643 supports the VESA Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) Standard Version 1.3.  With its integrated frame buffer, the DP643 extends power savings to the display, maximizing battery life in mobile systems.  The DP643 sets a new milestone in reducing overall system power consumption.


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For more about the DP643, visit the DP633/643/653 product page and DP633/643/653 news press release.

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