DisplayPort to VGA Converter

The PS8611 is a video format conversion device that converts DisplayPort to analog VGA. It is designed to be used in a DisplayPort-to-VGA cable adapter, and is also suitable for mother board and graphics card applications.
Parade PS8611 diagram Key Features

  • Compliant to DisplayPort version 1.1a; supports up to 4 lanes at 2.7 Gbps
  • Built-in adaptive equalizer removes losses from DisplayPort cable and connector
  • No external crystal or timing reference source required
  • Triple 8-bit VGA DAC supports up to 250MHz pixel clock rate
  • DisplayPort input supports Spread Spectrum Clocking
  • VGA interface supports monitor sensing and DDC communication
  • On-chip microprocessor with interface for firmware SPI ROM
  • I2C slave interface for optional chip control
  • Power management including low power suspend mode
  • ESD: HBM 8kV at connector pins and 5kV for all other pins
  • 1.2V Core Power Supply & 3.3V I/O Power Supply
  • 0°C to 70°C Operating Temperature Range
  • 64-pin TQFP RoHS package


  • DisplayPort to VGA cable Adapter
  • Graphics card VGA expansion port from GPU DisplayPort output