USB Type-C Interface Switch with DisplayPort Alt Mode Support Introduced by Parade Technologies

Posted January 25th, 2015

New Serial Data Switch with Integrated Redrivers Enables USB Type-C Host Interface with SuperSpeed USB, DisplayPort Alt Mode, and Cable Flipping

San Jose, Calif.— 26 January 2015 —Parade Technologies, Ltd. (Taiwan OTC: 4966.TWO), a leading video display and interface IC supplier, today announced a new high-speed switch integrated circuit as a solution for USB Type-C Host devices to support DisplayPort Alternate Mode, or Alt Mode. The new PS8740 Type-C Redriving Switch enables an existing USB host controller and DisplayPort Source to share a single USB Type-C connector as specified by the complementary USB-IF and VESA Standards. The device also includes signal redriver circuitry to compensate for signal loss in the SuperSpeed USB and DisplayPort data channels due to the system PCB traces and external interconnect cable. The PS8740 accommodates the USB 3.1 Gen 1 data rate of 5Gbps, and DisplayPort data rates up to 5.4Gbps, or HBR2.

The PS8740 addresses signal switching requirements for implementation of a USB Type-C connector on a USB host device that support the VESA DisplayPort Alt Mode Standard. The device provides all high-speed signal mapping combinations including SuperSpeed USB only, DisplayPort only, or SuperSpeed USB and DisplayPort combined, and supports cable flipping. Switch routing combinations, including flipping, are controlled with the device’s input pins or I2C interface.

To preserve the signal integrity of the high speed USB and DisplayPort data channels and provide compliant USB and DisplayPort signaling, the PS8740 includes configurable equalizers on the receiver inputs and active drivers on the outputs. When assigned as a DisplayPort channel, each data path includes a DisplayPort redriver function that utilizes passive AUX Channel interception, a widely adopted configuration patented by Parade Technologies. This enables the DisplayPort driver characteristics to be controlled and optimized by the downstream DisplayPort Sink during the normal link training process. When assigned as a USB channel, the output supports configurable de-emphasis. Input equalization and output characteristics are controllable through pin strapping or the I2C interface.

“We are very encouraged by OEM interest level in USB Type-C with the DisplayPort Alt Mode feature,” said Jimmy Chiu, Executive VP of Marketing at Parade Technologies. “Parade’s development capabilities are very aligned with this system application. The PS8740 combines our already proven USB and DisplayPort Redriver and switch capability into one product, and our deep OEM relationships help to assure a suitable feature set for various topologies under development. We anticipate this will remain a focus area for Parade as USB Type-C enabled devices proliferate and capabilities evolve.”


The PS8740 is packaged in a 4x6mm 40-pin QFN package and is sampling now.

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