TC3402 is a highly integrated eDP timing controller (Tcon) with integrated source drivers and a touchscreen controller (tTED) for notebook LTPS (Low-Temperature Polysilicon) and Oxide in-cell LCD panels. The device supports eDP 1.4b with features such as Multi-SST Operation (MSO) operation and PSR and PSR2.  TrueTouch® in-cell capacitive touch functionality serve notebook personal computer applications. The TC3402 combines Parade’s broad portfolio of patented display and touchscreen technology as well as proven display processing and high-speed signal technology to provide a low-power, highly integrated display and touchscreen solution for notebook in-cell displays.  The device includes an integrated Integrated Arm® Cortex®-M4 processor for fast performance and configurability.

For the addition of active stylus support please refer to the TC3400.

Key Features

Tcon Features

  • DisplayPort™ Input
    • Compliant to VESA Embedded DisplayPortTM Standard 1.4b
    • Supports 1/2 lane main link configuration and 2.7/2.43/2.16/1.62 Gbps data rate
    • Supports full link training, fast link training and no link training
    • Supports 18/24 bit RGB color format input
    • Supports eDP multi-stream operation (MSO)
    • Supports DisplayPort standard SSC 0.5% down spreading
  • PSR (Panel Self Refresh)
      • Supports Panel Self Refresh from eDP v1.3 (PSR)
      • Supports Panel Self Refresh with Selective Update (PSR2) with or without GTC from eDP v1.4b
      • Supports Intel Media Buffer Optimization (MBO)
      • Supports PSR/PSR2 up to 1920×1200 resolution with 24-bit RGB color format
      • Supports Single Frame Update
  • Refresh Rate Switching Mode
    • Supports Dynamic Refresh Rate (DRR) co-existing with PSR
    • Supports AMD Free Sync, VESA Adaptive Sync and Nvidia DD G-Sync
  • Content Protection
    • Supports eDP authentication options: Alternative Scrambler Seed Reset (ASSR)
  • Panel Interface
    • Supports all sized panels up to 1920×1280, 18/24 bit RGB color format (single chip)
    • Supports all sized panels up to 2560×1600, 18/24 bit RGB color format (MSO two chip)
  • TCON Interface
    • Supports MUX2/MUX3/MUX4/HSD pixel structures
    • Integrated TCON with programmable TCON control signal generation
    • Fully programmable Row Driver and Column Driver control timing
  • Video Processing
    • Stores LUT contents in EEPROM to support Gamma Correction, Color Engine and FRC
    • Supports programmable BIST or Aging patterns
    • Supports pattern detection
    • Supports eSOL
  • Backlight Control
    • Parade’s exclusive Smart-Backlight™ feature for color and power optimization (single chip only)

Driver Features

  • Supports 1452/1284/1212/1092/912/816 channels driver output
  • 6-bit color depth for 64 gray scale and 8-bit color depth for 256 gray scale
  • Embedded 22 set programmable internal gamma buffers
  • Supports Main buffer chopping and Gamma buffer chopping mode
  • Supports column inversion only
  • Supports 2 additional line repair buffers
  • Output Voltage Levels
    • VGHO: 7V ~ 15V
    • VGLO: AVDDN-0.5V ~ -12V
  • Level Shift: 30 channels for each side (L/R)
  • VCOM
  • 0.5V ~ -2.5V, step 10mV
  • Power Saving
    • White, Black, Red, Green, Blue and Mosaic

Touch Features

  • Supports 1596 in-cell touch sensors
  • Reports up to 10 fingers
  • Touch refresh rate up to 120Hz
  • Screen sizes up to 16-inches diagonal
  • Supports passive stylus with palm rejection
  • Water rejection and wet finger tracking
  • Noise suppression technologies
  • Supports on-glass TPMUX2
  • 32-bit CPU HID compliant


  • Integrated Arm Cortex-M4 processor
  • Control Interfaces
    • I2C master with 64kb or 128kb EEPROM for loading register initial values, or for expansion function
    • Two I2C slaves: one for internal register control and pass through I2C access and the other for host processor
    • SPI for external flash memory and chip-to-chip communication
  • External Power Supplies
    • DVDD = 1.8V
    • AVDDP = 4.5V ~ 6V
    • AVDDN= – 4.5V ~ – 6V
    • VGH = 7V ~ 15V
    • VGL = AVDDN-0.5V ~ -12V
    • VCOMDC = 0.5V ~ -2.5V
  • ESD
    • Human Body Model: +/- 3000V
    • Machine Model: +/- 200V
  • Package: COG


  • LTPS (Low-Temperature Polysilicon) and Oxide in-cell touch LCD panels