The TC3310 is an integrated display driver and touchscreen controller solution for FHD displays.  It is designed for COG (Chip on Glass) panel assembly, with an integrated touch screen display below 6 inches (4mm pitch), making it ideal for compact and medium-sized portable devices such as tablet PC’s and smart phones.

The TC3310 combines the high SNR and noise immunity of Parade’s TrueTouch™ technology with the display driver to enable premium touch features into the mass market. The TrueTouch™ firmware intelligently switches between display and touch scan modes to manage power while maximizing SNR.

The TC3310 accepts a MIPI®-DSI® v1.1 interface with up to 4 lanes and supports resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 RGB, up to 8 bit color.  An internal gamma correction circuit allows adjustment for panel characteristic to optimize display quality.  An integrated MTP ROM stores initialization settings, Gamma, and other settings.  The TC3310 includes Parade’s exclusive Smart-Backlight™ function for color and power optimization.

Key Features

Display Controller and Driver

  • Single-chip 1080 channel RAM-less display controller and driver for 16,777,216 color LTPS LCD with integrated multi-touch touchscreen control
  • Supports Display Resolution up to 1080RGB x 1920
  • MIPI Input Interface
    • Compliant to MIPI DSI v1.1, D-PHY v1.1 and DCS v1.1
    • Scalable data lanes. Options for 1, 2, 3 or 4 data lanes with a transmission rate up to 1Gbps/lane
    • Video Mode
  • Digital Image Processing Features
    • Full color mode (16.77M-colors) or Reduced color mode (262K/65K-colors)
    • Color engine for Hue/Saturation/Favorite color adjustment
    • Edge Enhancement
    • Smart Contrast
    • Skin Color Preservation
    • White Point Adjustment
    • Separate RGB Programmable gamma correction
    • Global gamma voltage adjustment
  • Smart-Backlight™ Backlight Management
    • Content Adaptive Backlight Control (CABC)
    • Sunlight Readability Enhancement (SRE)
    • Fix-slope dimming control
    • Moving image and still picture modes
    • PWM duty and frequency adjustment
  • Display Control
    • 1:3 source de-multiplexer on TFT panel
    • Programmable interface to panel GIP control timing
    • Programmable source driver control timing
    • n-line dot inversion, pixel column inversion, zigzag inversion
    • Power on/off control
    • Abrupt power off control
  • Internal liquid crystal drive power supply circuit
    • Source driver: AVDD – AVSS, AVSS – AVEE
    • VCOM drive: VDDI – VCL
    • Interface to panel (GIP signals): VGHO – VGLO
  • External Power Supplies
    • I/O power supply VDDI: 1.65V~1.95V
    • MIPI DSI power supply VDDAM: 1.65V~1.95V
    • Analog power supply AVDD: 4.5V~6.0V
    • Analog power supply AVEE: -6.0V~-4.5V
  • Output Voltage Levels
    • Source driver output voltage levels: (GVDDP ~ +0.2V), (-0.2V~GVDDN)
    • Gamma voltage range:
      • GVDDP = 3.0V ~5.8V (10mV/step)
      • GVDDN = -5.8V ~ -3.0V (10mV/step)
    • Positive power supply voltage level for interface to panel:
      • VGHO = 5.4V~13.0V (100mV/step)
    • Negative power supply voltage level for interface to panel:
      • VGLO = -10.0V~-5.0V (100mV/step)
    • Common electrode output voltage level: VCOMDC = -2.0V~+1.6V (10mV/step)

TrueTouch™ Touchscreen Technology

  • Screen sizes up to 6.0-inches diagonal at 4.0mm electrode pitch
  • Sensor configuration up to 18 columns and 35 rows
  • Dedicated multi-touch force sensing or capacitive button channels
  • Register configurable
  • Noise suppression technologies for battery charger, RF and environmental noise
  • Reports up to 10 fingers
  • Small finger support down to 3mm
  • Refresh rate up to 120Hz
  • 1.5-mm passive stylus with palm rejection
  • Multi-touch glove: 10 finger thin glove (<= 1mm thick), 2 finger thick glove (<= 5mm thick)
  • Water rejection and two-finger wet finger tracking
  • Force sensing
  • Side Touch
  • Easy-Wake gestures for low-power screen wake up
  • I2C Communication Interface to Host with data rates at 100 and 400kHz

Physical and Environmental

  • Gold bumped bare die for COG module
  • -30° to 75°C operating temperature range


  • High resolution COG LTPS LCD panels with integrated multi-touch touchscreen