The TC3210 is a highly integrated eDP Timing Controller (Tcon) embedded driver (TED) IC developed for thin-profile LCD display panels.  It supports all panel resolutions up to 1920×1200 using an 18 or 24-bit color format.  The Tcon input is eDP 1.4b compliant and supports PSR (Panel Self-Refresh) and PSR2 with selective update support.  The TC3210 provides a single-chip display driver solution that replaces the traditional multi-chip solution consisting of an eDP Tcon mated up with separate source driver chips.  The TC3210 is designed for Chip-on-Glass (COG) panel assembly to support the new generation of sleek LCD panel modules.

The TC3210 is designed for Flip Chip on Glass application on both LTPS (Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Silicon) and Oxide TFT (thin-film transistor) panels. Mounting the highly integrated TC3210 directly onto the LCD panel results in reduced display form factor, BOM cost, and power consumption, all of which benefit portable, battery-powered systems.  The TC3210 requires no external crystal or timing reference, includes a programmable gamma buffer, and includes Parade’s exclusive Smart-Backlight™ feature for additional color and power optimization.  Fully programmable row and column driver timing enables the TC3210 to serve a broad range of panels types.

Key Features

  • Fully Integrated eDP 1.4b Compliant Tcon
    • Display resolutions up to 1920×1200
    • Supports 1 or 2 lane eDP Main Link configuration at 1.62, 2.16, 2.43, or 2.7 Gbps
    • 18 or 24 bits per color RGB input format
    • PSR2 with or without GTC as specified by eDP v1.4b
    • PSR mode backward compatible with eDP v1.3
    • Full and fast link training, and no link training
    • Single external EEPROM for EDID and configuration data
  • Fully Programmable TCON Display Interface Signal Generation
    • Programmable Row Driver and Column Driver control timing
    • Supports 1:2, 1:3 MUX, 1:6 MUX sub-pixel driving structures
  • Advanced Video Processing
    • Color Engine, FRC, and programmable Gamma Correction
    • CrystalFree™ technology, no external timing reference needed
    • Programmable BIST and aging patterns
    • Parade’s exclusive Smart-Backlight™ dynamic backlight control for color and power optimization
    • Media optimized playback modes
    • VESA® Adaptive-Sync
    • eDP DRR/nvDPS/sDRRS power saving modes
    • ASSR display authentication support
  • Source Driver Features
    • Supports 972, 1092, 1212, 1632, 1812, or 1932 output driver channels
    • 6-bit (64 gray scale) and 8-bit (256 gray scale) support
    • 22 set point programmable internal gamma buffers
    • Main buffer chopping or Gamma buffer chopping mode
  • Package: COG (Chip on Glass)