Touch and Gate Level Shifter for High Resolution In-cell Notebook Panels

TC2201 consists of a touch modulation buffer on the VCOMOUT path, a 2:1 multiplexer for VCOMDC, touch modulation signal and gate level shifter. Touch modulation signal level are programmable and controlled by I2C interface and internal memory data.

The level shifter is designed to provide voltage for the gate driver of LCD panels. The level shifter has 8 GCK channels which can be selectively operated, 4 bypass channels, 4 ASW I/Os and 2 discharge channels.

Key Features

  • VCOM Range
    • Output voltage range: 0 V~AVDDN
  • AVDDP Range
    • Output voltage range: 4 V~6V
  • AVDDN Range
    • Output voltage range: -4V~-6V
  • VGL Range
    • Output voltage range: -13V~-7V
  • VGL2 Range
    • Output voltage range: -15V~-9V
  • Level shifter
    • 23 level shifter outputs
    • 8 GCK outputs with EQ, 4 bypass channels, 4 ASW I/Os, 3 light sensor channels/2 discharge channels/ 2 STV channels
  • Support modulation output for VGH/VGL/VGL2
  • Support 8/6/4/2 phase GCK
  • Support re-scan function, can re-scan 0/1/2/4 GCK
  • Support EQ function on Level shifter output
  • Package: 3.5 x 9.5 mm QFN


  • High resolution notebook in-cell LCD panels