Touch Embedded Source Driver for Notebook In-cell Panels

TC2200 is a Touch Embedded Source Driver (TSD) with 1542/1506/1446/1386/1350/1326/1284/1158/1128/966 source channel output for high resolution notebook displays. It is designed for chip-on-glass (COG) application. The input interface is SIPI™ 2.0 (Scalable Intra Panel Interface, Ver. 2.0) and was developed and patented by Parade Technologies. SIPI 2.0 is a point-to-point interface between the Touch Embedded Timing Controller (TTCON) and the TSD. TTCON, TSD along with the Touch and Gate Level Shifter (TLS) form a complete in-cell touch solution for high resolution displays. The SIPI intra panel interface provides scalable bandwidth for display interfacing and touch data transfer for a notebook in-cell panels. SIPI 2.0 addresses the low EMI and low power, robust link protocol and enhanced system quality. It also addresses the future growth of high resolution display on notebook and tablet PCs and other consumer electronics applications.

On the output side, TC2200 converts 8-bit (RGB888) digital data into 256 gray scale analog voltage for each channel; charging each dot (sub-pixel) to the correct gray level. It also supports 14 reference voltages for Gamma correction.

The embedded touch controller on the TC2200 performs touch and active stylus scanning across 1026 touch channels. The sensing data is transferred back to the TTCON using the SIPI 2.0 touch link for digital filtering and data processing. TC2200 provides superior noise immunity, excellent touch response and robust system ESD for in-cell displays. The touch response meets or exceeds Windows 10 requirements for a confident touch performance. Using Active Shielding technology, Parade is able to offer best-in-class signal to noise ratio (SNR), perfect for advanced in-cell touchscreen architectures.

Source Driver Features

  • 1542/1506/1446/1386/1350/1326/1284/1158/1128/966 channels source driver output TFT LCD
  • SIPI 2.0 interface supporting 2P/4D, 1P/2D configurations and link rates up to 2.2 Gbps
  • 8-bit color depth
  • 14 sets of embedded programmable internal gamma buffers
  • Supports Main Buffer Chopping and Gamma Buffer Chopping modes
  • Supports MUX1:2
  • Supports dynamic bias control
  • Low voltage detection for LV and HV discharging

Touch Features

  • 1026 touch channels for touch and active stylus scanning
  • Analog Front Ends (AFEs) with low noise and high touch/stylus signal sensitivity

Supply and Package

  • LCD driver supply voltage ranges: VDDC: -0.5V ~ 1.98V, AVDDP: -0.5V ~ 6.5V, AVDDN: -6.5V ~ 0.5V
  • Package: COG


  • High resolution in-cell notebook LCD panels with COG