TC2060 is a 1926/1920/1806/1734/1728/1644/1626/1620/1542 channel source driver for high resolution TFT LCD. It is designed for COG (Chip-on-glass) application. The input interface is SIPI™ (Scalable Intra Panel Interface) which has been developed and patented by Parade Technologies. SIPI™ is a point-to-point interface between Timing Controller (TCON) and Source Driver (SD). The SIPI™ intra panel interface provides scalable bandwidth with reduced bus width, low EMI, low power and more robust protocol, to establish link and enhance system reliability to address existing and future growth of high resolution digital display on notebook, tablet PCs and other consumer electronics applications.

On output side, TC2060 converts 8-bit (RGB888) digital data into 256 gray scale analog voltage for each channel, charging each dot (sub-pixel) to the correct gray level. It also supports 14 reference voltages for Gamma correction.


  • 1926 channel source driver for TFT LCD
  • 2 interface, 1 ports with 2 lane/port option up to 1.7Gbps
    • Display data scrambling and 8B/10B encoding
    • Embedded clocking
    • Error correction for all control data
    • Low EMI/RFI
    • Supports SIPI link Spread Clocking
  • Driver Output: 1926/1920/1806/1734/1728/1644/1626/1620/1542 CH
  • 8-bit color depth for 256 gray scale
  • Embedded programmable internal gamma buffers
  • Gamma correction levels: 14 (2in or 4in)
  • Supports Main buffer chopping and Gamma buffer chopping mode
  • Supports Column inversion, Square inversion and Zigzag
  • Supports dynamic bias control
  • Protocol based dynamic power saving
  • 60mV input sensitivity
  • Supports SIPI advanced features for debugging and manufacturing test
    • One wire auxiliary status channel (ASC) for source driver status monitoring
    • Symbol errors checking at normal operation
    • Extensive configuration packets for Source Driver configuration
  • Logic supply voltage: 1.5V
  • LCD driver supply voltage: AVDDP 4.0V ~ 6.0V, AVDDN -6.0V ~ -4.0V
  • Package: COG


  • High resolution COG LCD panels