The PS8566 is a unidirectional, 16-channel signal redriver that supports PCIe® (PCI Express®) Gen 3, with data rates up to 8.0 GT/s.  It is ideal for applications incorporating high lane count PCIe bus widths such as workstations and enterprise data center systems including storage and servers.  The PS8566 consumes very low power which contributes towards  lower overall system power and heat dissipation as well as device placement flexibility.

The PS8566 removes unwanted and potentially error-inducing signal distortion that occurs in the physical transmission interface including PCIe interconnect cables, PCB traces, and connectors.  The PS8566 enhances data transmission reliability and enables longer PCIe interconnect cables and/or PCB traces, enabling system scalability.  In a typical application the PS8566 is used in pairs, with one PS8566 used for the downstream PCIe channels, and another PS8566 used for the upstream PCIe channels.

Key Features

  • Supports PCIe operation at 2.5GT/s, 5.0GT/s, and 8.0GT/s
  • Very low power consumption – 29mW/channel
  • Programmable receiver equalization up to 18.5dB at 4GHz
  • Programmable transmitter de-emphasis up to 6dB
  • Each channel is independently configurable
  • Low input to output latency
  • Automatic receiver detection and power management
  • Integrated automatic squelch function
  • I2C control or pin configuration; 4-bit selectable I2C address
  • Requires 1.2V (core) and 3.3V (I/O) power supplies
  • 13x6mm 96-pin QFN Halogen free RoHS Package
  • -40°C to 85°C Operating Temperature Range
  • ESD: Human Body Model at 5 kV


  • Servers
  • Workstations
  • Data Center and Storage