PS8481 is a Dual mode DisplayPort 2.1 2:1 retiming MUX designed for commercial and consumer PCs, host systems, and peripherals. The PS8481 support DisplayPort 2.1 with a total bandwidth of up to 80Gbps, compliant with VESA DP 2.1 standards. The device features low power consumption for standby and low power states, contributing to extended battery life in mobile devices and ensuring EnergyStar compliance. With supporting LTTPR as well as adaptive CTLE and DFE, PS8481 helps system designer to achieve robust DisplayPort topology and optimized performance of video streaming. PS8481 is also compatible with DP dual mode with supporting FRL up to 12Gbps which brings system video I/O port with flexible connectivity.




  • Compliant to VESA DisplayPort (DP) Standard version 2.1 for RBR/HBR/HBR2/ HBR3/UHBR10/UHBR13.5/UHBR20 link rates
  • Compatible with dual-mode DisplayPort Source operation with FRL data rates up to 12Gbps
  • Supports LT-tunable PHY Repeater transparent mode and non-transparent mode.
  • Supports DP 2.1 Advanced Link Power Management (ALPM)
  • Automatic Link Training support.
  • Jitter Cleaning for both DisplayPort and FRL signaling.
  • Adaptive CTLE and DFE equalizer.
  • Source initiated power saving management.
  • Automatic power down management.
  • Low power consumption.
  • I2C control or optional local Pin control.
  • 3.3V and 0.9V dual power supply operation.
  • 4.4×9.7mm 66-pin QFN RoHS compliant and halogen-free package.
  • 0o to 85oC operating temperature range.


  • Notebook/PC Motherboards
  • Notebook Docking Stations
  • Monitors
  • Set-top Box