1:3 Demultiplexer for Dual-Mode DisplayPort Source, with Built-In Level Shifter for the HDMI/DVI Output

The Parade Technologies PS8349 DisplayPort Dual-Mode Source Demultiplexer accepts one Dual-Mode DisplayPort input and provides the following:

  • Two selectable Dual-Mode DisplayPort outputs. Either of these outputs can drive a native DisplayPort receptacle (supporting Dual-Mode DisplayPort), can drive a eDP Sink, or can drive a configuration switch to support DisplayPort Alt Mode on a USB Type-C® connector.
  • One selectable TMDS output. Utilizing the Dual-Mode function of the Source to provide TMDS data, the HDMI/DVI output can directly drive an HDMI receptical, at TMDS data rate up to 3Gbps, or a DVI receptical up to the 1.65Gbps spec limit.

Only one output can be active at a time.

PS8349 Web Block


  • PC Motherboards
  • Docking Stations
  • Graphics Cards


  • Supports Dual-mode DisplayPort De-multiplexing (supports both DisplayPort and TMDS for HDMI/DVI)
  • Compliant to the VESA® DisplayPort 1.4 Standard — DisplayPort outputs supports up to 5.4Gb/s link rate (HBR2); supports up to 4K 60Hz with 4:4:4 color
  • The Dual-Mode function enables support of DVI or HDMI to 3.0Gb/s TMDS data rate (300MHz TMDS clock rate) through the use of external level-shifting DP to DVI/HDMI adaptors.  Both Type 1 and Type 2 Dual-Mode HDMI adaptors are supported, enabling support up to HDMI 1.4.
  • Built-in level shifter enables direct support of a DVI or HDMI receptical from the TMDS output at at 3Gbps data rate.  Type 2 adaptor registers are included.
  • Built-in AUX CH and DDC combiner for Dual-Mode Source support
  • DisplayPort redriver function included for both DisplayPort outputs; full link training for 1, 2 or 4 lanes
  • Supports transmitter Feed Forward Equalizer (FFE) with Post Cursor 2 on HBR2
  • Automatic receiver equalization compensates for signal loss between Source device and PS8349 input
  • Automatic port switching with configurable port priority selection, or port switching via pin or I2C control
  • Automatic power management and output selection settings
  • Low power consumption
  • Source initiated power saving management
  • Device configurable through pin settings or I2C slave input that offers additional device options
  • ESD performance 8kV Human Body Model (HBM)
  • 5x10mm 66-pin QFN package, RoHS compliant and halogen free
  • 0 to 85°C operation

DEVICE OPTIONS — Dual Supply or Single Supply

  • PS8349A — Dual supplies, 1.5V & 3.3V
  • PS8349B — Single 3.3V Supply