Dual-mode DisplayPort version 1.2 Repeater

The PS8330 is a 1-to-1 DisplayPort version 1.2 repeater, or redriver, that supports dual-mode DisplayPort operation.

Specifically designed for the higher data rates of DisplayPort 1.2:

  • Link Rates of 5.4Gb/s (HBR2), 2.7Gb/s (HBR), and 1.62Gb/s (RBR)
  • AUX Channel rate of 720 Mb/s (Fast AUX) and 1 Mb/s (Standard AUX)

The PS8330 is designed to be used in a DisplayPort source system near the output receptacle, and it removes signal loss resulting from internal system distribution through use of an automatic equalizer. A clean, compliant DisplayPort output is regenerated by output drivers. Like the field-proven PS8121ED and PS8311 DisplayPort 1.1a repeaters, the PS8330 uses AUX channel interception, or snooping, that enables it to respond to cable drive requirements indicated by the sink device during link training. The device supports both I2C and pin enabled control options and supports automated source system compliance testing.

Key Features

  • Compliant to the VESA® DisplayPort 1.2 Specification
  • Supports 5.4Gb/s (HBR2), 2.7Gb/s, and 1.62Gb/s link rates
  • Automatic receiver equalization adjustment compensates for PCB and/or connector losses
  • Field proven AUX interception (snooping) technology
  • Full link training support for 1, 2, or 4 lanes
  • Supports Source Feed Forward Equalizer (FFE) with Post Cursor 2 in addition to the 4 pre-emphasis output levels
  • Supports 1Mb/s AUX (Manchester Mode) and 720Mb/s Fast AUX (FAUX) transactions with compliant eye diagrams
  • Supports DisplayPort and HDMITM/DVI dual-mode output
  • Complete support of automatic CTS testing
  • Source initiated power management
  • Automatic power down management
  • Built-in AUX Channel and DDC combiner for Dual-mode DisplayPort Source repeater application
  • Low power consumption
  • Pin control or optional local I2C control
  • ESD performance 8kV Human Body Model (HBM)
  • Supply Voltage options
    • PS8330A: Dual supplies, 1.5V & 3.3V, low power
    • PS8330B: Single 3.3V Supply
  • Package Options
    • 48-pin 7x7mm QFN (0° to 85°C operating temperature range)
    • 40-pin 5x5mm TQFN (0° to 70°C operating temperature range)