Dual Mode DisplayPort 2×2 Crosspoint Switch with DP and TMDS Outputs

The PS8325 is a crosspoint switch for DisplayPort video interface applications. The device accepts two dual mode DisplayPort inputs, and provides one dual mode DisplayPort output and one TMDS output for HDMI or DVI support. Both inputs and both output can be active simultaneously; input to output signal routing is pin selectable. Output of HDMI or DVI is supported by an internal level shifter as per the VESA® DisplayPort Interoperability Specification.

PS8325 Web block rev 1


  • Automatic input equalizer compensates for PCB, cable and connector losses
    DisplayPort output supports Link Training with sink device through AUX snooping
    Integrated level shifter for TMDS output supports HDMI/DVI from dual mode DisplayPort source
  • Automatic power management
  • Device control through I2C or pin select options
  • Single 3.3V power supply
  • 72 pin 11x5mm TQFN package

System Uses

  • 2×2 crosspoint switch
  • 2:1 multiplexer with DP or HDMI/DVI output
  • 1:2 demultiplexer with one DP and one HDMI/DVI output, with automatic port switching
  • 2x 1:1 dual repeater: dual mode DP to dual mode DP, and dual mode DP to HDMI/DVI

System Applications

  • Dual GPU motherboard configurations
  • Notebook docking stations