HDMI/DVI Repeater and Level Shifter for AC Coupled Source Device

The PS8201 is a repeater for HDMI or DVI digital video interface applications.  The PS8201 can accept either DC or AC coupled TMDS clock and data inputs, allowing it to serve as a voltage level shifter for source devices that utilize a low-voltage, AC coupled HDMI or DVI transmitter.  The PS8201 outputs DC coupled HDMI/DVI signaling that is compatible with the HDMI/DVI video standards.


  • Compliant to the HDMI 1.4b specification with TMDS data rates up to 3.0 Gbit/sec per lane
  • Supports 4k x 2k formats (24 or 30 frames per second) and 3D formats over HDMI
  • AC or DC TMDS input signal coupling
  • Programmable input equalizer to compensate for PCB, cable and connector losses
  • Programmable TMDS output pre-emphasis
  • Unique EMI reduction feature for HDMI/DVI
  • Supports both DDC active signal buffering and passive switch modes for side-band signals
  • Automatic power down management
  • Automatic squelch for fail-safe output and power management
  • Low power consumption
  • Both pin and I2C device control modes for system implementation flexibility
  • 3.3V and 1.5V power supplies (PS8201A) or single 3.3V power supply (PS8201B)
  • 5x5mm 40-pin TQFN RoHS compliant, halogen free package
  • 0 to 70 deg C operating temperature
  • ESD 8kV HBM


  • PC Motherboard
  • Graphics Card
  • Docking Station

Pin Compatibility

  • PS8201A is pin compatible with the PS8401