FL7201 is a 2:1 bidirectional passive switch suited for USB Type-C® mux or demux applications supporting the USB 3.1 Gen1 data rate. A single SEL input pin is used to switch the differential channels between port 1 and port 2, and an active-low OEn input is available for power-down mode control.

FL7201 also can be applied to other high-speed serial interface applications. (E.g. PCI Express®, MIPI®, etc.)


  • Signal Mux/Demux for the USB Type- C® Ecosystem
  • Supports the USB 3.1 Gen1 data rate of 5Gbps
  • Wide –3-dB Differential BW of over 8 GHz
  • Excellent Dynamic Characteristics
    • Crosstalk = –32 dB
    • Off Isolation = –19 dB
    • Insertion Loss = –1.6 dB
    • Return Loss = –12 dB
  • Bidirectional “Mux/De-Mux” Differential Switch
  • Supports Common Mode Voltage from 0 to 2 V