FL6000 with F-One™ technology is a patented approach to attach multiple USB 2 peripherals to a single SuperSpeed-only port. F-One™ mode implies a “Superspeed”-only upstream port. The FL6000 can also operate in legacy mode, in which case it acts as a standard 4-port SuperSpeed Hub.


  • Contact-less USB solution
  • Optic Fiber cable for USB transfer
  • Industry USB hub


  • Upstream (US) Port SuperSpeed Compliant in F-One™ mode
  • US Port Compliant to USB Specifications 1.1, 2.0, and 3.0 in Legacy hub mode
  • Downstream (DS) Ports Compliant to USB Specifications 1.1, 2.0, and 3.0
  • Two self-selectable modes: Legacy hub mode and F-One™ mode
  • Both modes support the following:
    • Multiple USB 2.0 Transaction Translators (TT)
    • Fully compliant to all power states (USB 3 U1/U2/U3, USB 2 L1/L2)
  • Small footprint
    • 88-pin QFN FL6000 (4 ports)
    • Single oscillator/clock input (12MHz).
    • Shared USB 2/3 reference resistor.
  • Integrated 3.3V Output Low Drop-out Regulator
    • Reduces area and cost by providing step down to 3.3v on-chip.
  • EEPROM for user customization
    • Full feature customization via I2C EEPROM interface
    • In-system programmable EEPROM interface using vendor class command
  • Battery Charging Support
    • Downstream DCP/CDP support for BC 1.2 Specification
    • Smart BC will automatically engage/disengage DCP/Emulation modes
      • Upstream disconnect/S3 will engage DCP Emulation
      • Automatic VBUS cycle to disengage DCP Emulation before USB link and enumeration.
    • BC modes and options customizable via EEPROM.
  • Cascaded hub support
  • Automatic F-One™ mode selection when only USB 3 is connected on US port, or via optional EEPROM or OTP configuration