FL5001 is a 4-port, configurable and efficient SuperSpeed USB Hub Controller that supports Type-C connector functionality on the upstream (US) port and on up to 2 of the 4 downstream (DS) ports.  FL5001 features innovative battery charging features and fast charging. It is compliant with the SuperSpeed, Hi-Speed, and Full-Speed, and Type-C specifications and is backward compatible to all USB 3.2 Gen1, USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 applications.


  • Type-C Connector Support: US port and up to two of the 4 DS ports can be configured to use the industry new Type-C connector.  Each port can also be configured for legacy connectors.
  • Fast 3A Charge: No extra components needed for basic Type-C functionality including Battery Charge   (BC) support.
  • Cascading Mode: Use a single crystal and easily cascade to create a 7-port/10-port hub.
  • Self-Charging™: Emulate a dedicated charging port (DCP) to provide charging even when the US Port is disconnected.
  • Smart BC: Automatically engage/disengage DCP/Emulation mode with BC 1.2/1.1.
  • Easy design in: Without firmware (No need SPI flash) and can provide user customization by external EEPROM.
  • Small Footprint: Package size of QFN 88 pin 10x10mm
  • Reduced BOM: Integrated LDO Regulator, integrated Type-C reversibility muxes and control functionality
  • Embedded USB Billboard device.