eDP v1.2 LCD Timing Controller

The DP683 is an LCD timing controller (TCON) with a one-lane Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) Receiver to support LCD panels for mobile PC and embedded display PC platforms.

DP683 supports the eDP v1.2 specification that includes display control features using the AUX channel including backlight control.


  • DisplayPort Input
    • Compliant to VESA® Embedded DisplayPort Standard 1.2
    • Supports VESA DPCD version 1.2
    • Supports 1-lane main link configuration and 2.7/1.62-Gbps data rate
    • Supports full link training, fast link training and no link training
    • Supports 18/24-bit RGB color format input
    • Supports DisplayPort standard SSC 0.5% down spreading
  • Content Protection
    • Supports eDP authentication: Alternate Scramble Reset (ASSR)
  • Panel Interface
    • Supports all sized panels up to one lane DisplayPort bandwidth limit, including HD (1366×768) and HD+ (1600×900) 6-bit panels
    • Supports Single bus, 3-pair, 6-bit mini-LVDS
    • Supports dynamic refresh rate (DRR), seamless Display Refresh Rate Switching (sDRRS) and nvDPS power saving modes
    • MiniLVDS interface pin swapping and internal data swapping for flexible TCON PCB design
    • Supports SINK additional SSC clock on miniLVDS interface: center spreading of 0.25% to 2.0%
  • TCON Interface
    • Supports dual gate pixel structure
    • Support special Z-Inversion pixel structure
    • Integrated programmable Gate Driver and Source Driver control signal generator
    • Fully programmable Gate Driver and Source Driver control I/O’s for GOP Applications.
  • Video Processing
    • CrystalFree technology – no external timing reference needed
    • Stores LUT contents in EEPROM to support gamma correction, color engine and FRC
    • Supports programmable BIST or Aging patterns
  • Backlight Control
    • Parade’s exclusive Smart-Backlight™1 feature for color and power optimization
  • Control Interface
    • I2C master for loading register initial values, or for expansion function
    • I2C slave for chip configuring, controlling and debugging
  • Integrated On-chip DC/DC switching regulator
  • Hardware driven power management
  • ESD HBM: 8000V for external connector pins, 7000V for all other pins; MM: 300V; CDM: 2000V


  • Notebook LCD Panels
  • Embedded LCD Panels