eDP v1.2 LCD Timing Controller

The DP616 is an LCD timing controller (TCON) with a one-lane Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) Receiver to support LCD panels for mobile PC and embedded display PC platforms.

DP616 supports the latest eDP v1.2 specification which adds new display control features using the AUX channel, including backlight control and other functions. eDP v1.2 also enables the use of fewer eDP cable conductors by replacing previously dedicated pin functions with AUX channel commands.

DP616 has very low power consumption, supporting all necessary features for mobile PC LCD timing controllers. The device includes an integrated switching regulator for core logic functions, eliminating the need for an external regulator.

When DP616 is used in a mobile PC LCD display, it can be configured to (1) use native AUX channel for EDID read and DisplayPort hand-shake communications; or (2) use I2C to read EDID and establish DisplayPort connection without link training. When AUX channel is used, DisplayPort commands and link status services can be communicated between Source and Sink through the AUX channel.

DP616 Press Release Block Diagram


  • Compliant to VESA® DisplayPort Specification 1.1a
  • Compliant to VESA Embedded DisplayPort Specification 1.2
  • Integrated switching regulator
  • CrystalFree technology – no external timing reference needed
  • One DisplayPort Main Link lane input at 2.7Gbps and 1.62Gbs
  • Single 6-bit mini-LVDS output supporting 3 or 6 pairs
  • Supports all sized panels up to one lane DisplayPort bandwidth limit, including WSXGA+ (1680×1050) 18-bit panels, and WXGA+(1440×900), WXGA(1280×800, or 1366×768, or 1280×768) 24-bit panels
  • Supports full link training, fast link training, and no link training
  • Supports 18/24/30 RGB color input formats
  • Integrated color engine, dynamic backlight control, and FRC functions
  • Supports Dual gate pixel structure
  • LCD power sequence control
  • Firmware based or firmware-less operation options
  • ESD HBM 8kV for external connector pins


  • Notebook LCD Panels
  • Embedded LCD Panels