Mobile PC LCD Timing Controller with DisplayPort Receiver

The DP606 is an LCD timing controller (TCON) with a one-lane Embedded DisplayPort (eDPTM) Receiver to support LCD panels for mobile PC and embedded display PC platforms. Both RSDS and mini-LVDS signal formats are supported at the output interface (user selectable). The DP606 consumers very low power and integrates all the necessary functions for a mobile or embedded TCON.

Key Features

  • DisplayPort Receiver compliant to DisplayPort Specification 1.1a
  • 180mW typical power consumption (at 1440×900 resolution)
  • Supports one DisplayPort Main Link lane at 2.7Gbps and 1.62Gbs
  • CrystalFree technology – no external timing reference needed
  • “Instant On” technology supports eDP with no link training
  • Advanced equalizer in DP receiver compensates for cable and PCB losses, no need to adjust TX driver strength and pre-emphasis levels
  • High receiver sensitivity allows reduced DP TX output swing to minimize system power
  • Supports advanced dynamic refresh rate timing for power saving
  • Supports reduced RSDS/min-LVDS output swing to save power
  • Accepts Spread Spectrum Clocked eDP from Source
  • Additional Spread Spectrum Clocking can be applied to LCD interface
  • Integrated TCON with programmable TCON control signal generation
  • Supports reduced blanking timing and reduced refresh rate
  • Selectable RSDS output interface mode with programmable drive strength, maximum clock rate of 120MHz
  • Selectable mini-LVDS output interface mode with programmable drive strength, maximum clock rate of 180MHz
  • Main link and RSDS/ mini-LVDS pin swapping for top or bottom mounting configurations
  • LCD power sequence control
  • Light sensor input and pulse-width-modulation back light control output
  • I2C slave interface for optional device control
  • I2C master interface for EDID ROM
  • Hardware driven power management supports various power states
  • ESD HBM 5kV
  • 64-pin QFN RoHS package


  • Notebook LCD panels
  • Embedded LCD panels