Parade Technologies Samples Industry’s First DisplayPort 1.4 Jitter Cleaning Repeater / Demux Devices

Posted September 21st, 2016

Dual-Mode DisplayPort 1.4 Re-Timing Repeaters Remove Timing Jitter, Operate up to Max 8.1 Gbps DP Link Rate, and Max 6.0 Gbps HDMI 2.0 Link Rate

Santa Clara, Calif.— 21 September 2016 —Parade Technologies, Ltd. (Taiwan OTC: 4966.TWO), a leading high-speed interface IC supplier, today announced two new jitter cleaning repeater chips designed for DisplayPort 1.3 and DisplayPort 1.4 enabled devices.  The PS8460 is single-channel, Dual-Mode DP 1.4 jitter cleaning repeater, and the similar PS8468 includes a de-mux enabling the selection between two displays for a single video source.

Both the PS8460 and PS8468 provide Dual-Mode DisplayPort support, meaning they pass-through and jitter clean both a native DisplayPort signal as well as an HDMI signal.  The devices are also designed to be used in USB Type-C interfaces to process the DisplayPort Alt Mode signaling used to support video transport.

The devices support DisplayPort up the HBR3 rate, or 8.1 Gbps (Giga-bits-per-second), which is the highest link rate supported by the DisplayPort version 1.3 and 1.4 Standards.  TMDS is supported up to 6.0 Gbps, which is the highest rate supported by HDMI 2.0.  This dual-mode support enables application in Dual-Mode DisplayPort source devices.

The PS8460 and PS8468 remove timing jitter from a DisplayPort or HDMI signal and also restore intra-pair and inter-pair lane skew.  Sources of timing jitter include transmission path losses, cross-coupling from other high-speed signals, and intrinsic jitter in the transmitter device.  Skew is typically introduced by cable and transmission path irregularities.  The PS8460 and PS8468 are tolerant to the jitter and skew levels required for a compliant sink device, and they will restore the integrity of the DisplayPort or HDMI signal to the level required for a compliance source device.  The PS8460 and PS8468 do not require an external crystal or timing reference.

“Our PS8409 HDMI-only jitter cleaning repeater introduced nearly two years ago is used by many TV makers to pass HDMI 2.0 receiver compliance testing,” notes Jimmy Chiu, Executive VP of Marketing at Parade Technologies.  “Jitter cleaning repeaters are becoming a necessity at the increasing data rates of various interface standards.  And they are being used everywhere, including at the source device output, in the cable, in dock devices, and at the receiver input. Higher performance displays and VR are two example use cases that will drive the adoption of DisplayPort 1.4 and need for jitter cleaning repeaters.”

In addition to the retimer function that performs jitter attenuation, the PS8460 and PS8468 support DisplayPort link training through the use of AUX channel snooping.  A configurable and automatic input equalizer is provided to compensate for ISI loss.  The devices consume low power and can enter a low power state through source initiation or display detachment.

The PS8460 is packaged in a 6.5×4.5mm 46-pin QFN, and the PS8468 is packaged in a 5x10mm 66-pin QFN.  Both packages are RoHS compliant and halogen-free.


The PS8460 and PS8468 are sampling now.

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