Parade Technologies Reveals DisplayPort 1.2 Repeater/Redriver Chip

Posted January 14th, 2011

New Repeater Supports 5.4Gb/s Main Link, Fast AUX, and HDMI-compatible Dual-mode Operation

San Jose, Calif.—24 January 2011—Parade Technologies Ltd. (, a leading video display and interface IC supplier, today announced a DisplayPort™ Repeater IC that is fully compliant with the higher data rates of DisplayPort 1.2. Parade’s new PS8330A/B device also supports the Fast AUX mode of 720 Mb/s and integrates the DDC/AUX multiplexer (mux) needed for support of HDMI™-compatible Dual-mode DisplayPort Source devices.

“Parade has taken a very active role in the development and implementation of the DisplayPort standard. When version 1.2 of the standard was released, it became clear that the doubling in data rates would require cost-effective repeater ICs in many system implementations,” explains Jimmy Chiu, VP of Marketing at Parade Technologies.

The maximum data rate for DisplayPort increased from 2.7Gb/s to 5.4Gb/s when version 1.2 succeeded the earlier 1.1a. With a 5.4Gb/s data rate, DisplayPort can now support higher resolution displays, multiple displays on a single channel and higher resolution 3-D displays. DisplayPort 1.2 also added the Fast AUX mode to the AUX Channel that increases data rates from 1Mb/s to 720Mb/s for this bi-directional data path.

Doubling the maximum data rate to 5.4Gb/s challenges system designers to maintain signal integrity in notebook, docking station and desktop computer designs. At 2.7Gb/s, PC board traces up to 10 or 12 inches can typically be designed without a repeater IC for signal re-conditioning. At 5.4Gb/s, traces longer than 5 or 6 inches may require repeaters for signal re-conditioning. Signals are also compromised as they pass through connectors and cables between video source and sink devices, requiring repeaters for signal re-conditioning.

DisplayPort 1.1a repeater/redriver devices were pioneered by Parade starting with the PS8121ED introduced in 2008, and the company’s repeater/redriver devices are currently used by every major PC OEM.  By incorporating Parade’s patent-pending AUX interception or “snooping” function, such repeaters respond to source-sink link training and serve as the driver at the DisplayPort output receptacle.  The improvement in output signal quality is often needed to pass DisplayPort compliance testing, and assures robust system interoperability.

Backward-Compatibility Support for HDMI and DVI Requires Dual-Mode Capability

Parade’s PS8330A/B devices are designed to accommodate systems supporting Dual-Mode DisplayPort operation. An internal mux is included to switch between the source DDC channel in DVI/HDMI operation and the AUX channel in DisplayPort operation.  Unlike DisplayPort 1.1a designs, where the lower data rate AUX mode is used (1 Mb/s), version 1.2 Fast AUX mode (720 Mb/s) demands improved signal integrity offered by the integrated mux vs. the traditional discrete implementation.

For the main link, these new devices incorporate Parade’s proven equalizer technology for signal conditioning, and automated power management features for reduced power consumption.

Parade is offering two versions of its Dual-Mode DisplayPort Repeater/Redriver. The PS8330A uses a dual-voltage 1.5V and 3.3V power supply; the PS8330B uses a single 3.3V power supply. Both Parade Repeater/Redrivers support all DisplayPort power management modes, which allow for standby and sleep modes when the device is inactive. The devices also support a Suspend Mode when the device recognizes an unplugged display or the absence of video source signals.  To simplify source system compliance testing, which is required for DisplayPort certification, the PS8330A/B supports test automation as defined in the DisplayPort specification.

Price and Availability

The PS8330A/B is sampling now, and production volumes will be available in April, 2011. Both devices are available in a 7x7mm 48-pin QFN package or a 5x5mm 40-pin TQFN package.

The PS8330A and PS8330B will be available for $1.50 /ea. in high volume.

About Parade Technologies, Ltd. and Parade Technologies, Inc.

Parade Technologies, Ltd. is a privately held fabless semiconductor company that specializes in developing video display and high-speed interface ICs.  The company leverages high-speed analog, mixed-signal and digital design expertise with system level knowledge to elevate product performance, power efficiency and customer satisfaction to new heights. In 2010 Parade delivered its 100 millionth IC. The company was chosen by the Global Semiconductor Alliance as a finalist in both 2009 and 2010 for the ‘Startup to Watch’ Award.

Parade Technologies, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Parade Technologies, Ltd, is located in San Jose, California.  As Parade Technologies, Ltd’s marketing representative in the United States, Parade Technologies, Inc. can be reached at (408) 329-5540, or on the Internet at