Parade Technologies Announces New Family of HDMI™ 1.3 Switch Products, the PS421, PS321, PS221 and PS121

Posted August 29th, 2007

World’s First Dual-Mode Product Family of Multi-Port Switches Supports Both the DisplayPort™ and HDMI Interface Standards, Enabling High Speed Video Connectivity for Digital LCD and Plasma TVs, and LCD Monitors

SUNNYVALE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–August 29, 2007-Parade Technologies Ltd., a leading developer of digital video display interface products, announced today a product family of dual-mode video switches that supports both DisplayPort™ and HDMI video standards simultaneously. The product family, which includes PS421 (4-port), PS321 (3-port) and PS221 (2-port), is designed for main stream TVs that provide multiple digital video connectivity for STB, HD DVD, PC and other digital video sources. A companion chip, PS121, is a repeater chip to the support side (or front) connector for TV systems.

“Our new dual-mode product family of multi-port switches is a great enhancement to our existing line of PS products,” said Jack Zhao, president and CEO of Parade Technologies, Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Parade Technologies, Ltd., and its United Stated marketing representative. “It allows us to effectively offer our customers cost savings on their EDID upgrades, along with other performance upgrades for the HDMI1.3 interface standard, including the ability to offer dual mode support and uniformity across different cable lengths.”

“We have been very pleased with the quality of Parade’s PS product family,” said Fengpan Li, vice general manager, R&D Center of Xiamen Overseas Chinese Electronic Co. Ltd. (Xoceco). “These newly announced product upgrades will greatly benefit us for the next generation of advanced LCD TV products.”

The key features include:

Dual Mode Support

The increasing popularity of digital video sources is driving the demand for multi-port HDMI switches. DisplayPort is also emerging as an attractive option in the PC industry for video connectivity, as manufacturers realize the advantages of higher bandwidths and lower costs provided by DisplayPort. Parade’s PS switches enable TV vendors to support mixes of both HDMI and DisplayPort video sources with a single switch component.(a)

Shadow EDID

The advanced architecture of the PS switch family includes a shadow EDID feature that allows EDID information to be embedded inside the TV system ROM and to eliminate external EEPROM. A multi-port HDMI TV normally requires one piece of EEPROM for each of the ports, and a unique EDID address needs to be programmed into each of the EEPROM prior to assembly. The shadow EDID feature relieves the error prone process and its benefits have been recognized by many TV manufactures.

UniEyeTM Equalizer

The Parade PS switch is based on the patent pending UniEyeTM technology that performs superior equalization and uniformity across different cable lengths. The UniEye equalizer allows TV users to mix match devices with long and short cables and to still receive the best video quality.

The PS421 is housed in a TQFP 100-pin RoHS 14mmx14mm package; PS321/PS221 are packaged into a TQFP 80-pin 12mmx12mm RoHS package; while the PS121 is in a QFN 48-pin 7mmx 7mm RoHS package. This product family is currently ready for volume production.

(a) It also requires a dual-mode DisplayPort and HDMI receiver; for example, Parade’s DP601.

Additional information about Xiamen Overseas Chinese Electronic Co. Ltd. (Xoceco) can be found at

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