Parade Announces Very Low Power Embedded DisplayPort LCD Tcons

Posted January 14th, 2014

New Low Power eDP Tcons consume less than half the power of existing devices

San Jose, Calif.— 14 January 2014 —Parade Technologies Ltd. (Taiwan OTC: 4966.TWO), a leading video display and interface IC supplier, today announced a new family of eDP Tcon devices for LCD panels that consume very low power, making them ideal for small-form factor, battery-powered devices.  The new devices, the DP676, DP677, DP678, and DP679, use less than half the power of similar existing devices.  They are ideal for embedded displays in slim profile notebooks and tablets.

In the continuing drive to reduce the size and weight of personal computers and tablets, as well as extend battery life, system OEMs continue to migrate toward Embedded DisplayPort, or eDP, as the preferred display interface standard.  The DP676 and DP679 support up to two eDP lanes, are designed for panel resolutions up to 1920×1200 with up to 24-bit color, and draw less than 100mW.  The DP677 and DP678 support up to 1366×768 at 24-bit color, or 1680×1050 at 18-bit color.  The devices are compliant with eDP 1.2, and include unique features such as Parade’s exclusive Smart-Backlight™ feature for color and power optimization.

Parade is the leading supplier of eDP Tcon (timing controller) devices worldwide, working in partnership with leading LCD manufacturers and system OEMs.  Differences between these newly announced Tcon devices include the type of electrical interfaces available from the Tcon output to the LCD source drivers, enabling compatibility with a variety of panel types.  All of the devices support the legacy miniLVDS output interface, and the DP676, DP677, and DP679 include support for a variety of Chip-on-Glass (CoG) interfaces that are used on today’s thinnest of LCD panels, including Parade’s own SIPI® (Scalable Intra Panel Interface) CoG interface.

“The continued reduction in system form factor has been largely enabled by ever-smaller process geometries and system integration,” said Jimmy Chiu, Executive VP of Marketing at Parade Technologies.  “Parade’s role in system integration is on the panel side.  With more than half of the system power now going to the display in many cases, we are increasingly in the critical path for further improvements in system portability.  Our new series of eDP Tcons represent a significant step in that direction”.

Newest Members of a Growing Family of eDP Tcon Devices

The DP676, DP677, DP678, and DP679 are Parade’s latest eDP Tcons targeting medium-resolution consumer or business oriented systems.  For higher-end systems, Parade offers a variety of standard and custom eDP Tcon solutions supporting higher resolutions and advanced features such as PSR (Panel Self Refresh).

Price and Availability

The DP676, DP677, DP678, and DP679 are sampling now, and production volumes will be available 1Q2014.

The DP676 and DP679 will be priced at $1.99/ ea. in high volume. The DP677 and DP678 will be priced at $1.49/ ea. in high volume.

About Parade Technologies, Ltd. and Parade Technologies, Inc.

Parade Technologies, Ltd. (Taiwan OTC: 4966.TWO) is a leading fabless supplier of mixed-signal ICs for a variety of popular display and high-speed interface standards used in computers, consumer electronics and display panels. Parade’s portfolio of IC products serves the growing demand for DisplayPort™, eDP™ (Embedded DisplayPort), HDMI®, MHL®, SATA, and USB ICs for display, storage and interface applications.

Parade leverages its close relationships with market-leading Tier-1 OEMs to develop ICs that provide unique system capabilities. Many of the company’s devices integrate proprietary technologies that offer superior system signal integrity, advanced system integration and enhanced power efficiency. As a result of the company’s “standards-plus” design philosophy, Parade ICs have been designed into products offered by nearly every leading computer and display vendor worldwide.

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