DisplayPort to HDMI Format Converter IC Offers Enhanced PC/Notebook Connectivity for the Digital TV

Posted June 1st, 2009

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — (BUSINESS WIRE) — June 1, 2009 — Parade Technologies Ltd. ( www.paradetech.com), a leading innovator of digital video interface products, introduced the first native DisplayPortTM to HDMITM/DVI converter device. The PS161 is an integrated circuit that includes a full DisplayPort receiver, a full HDMI/DVI transmitter, and an optional HDCP repeater. Used inside an HDMI-or DVI-enabled digital TV or monitor, the PS161 provides a simple, cost-effective solution for adding a DisplayPort input for computer-to-TV connectivity.

DisplayPort has been adopted by the PC industry to succeed VGA and DVI as the primary display connector. Leading manufactures have already introduced new notebooks, PCs and graphics cards that provide DisplayPort outputs and, in some products, only DisplayPort is provided. Developed to support a new generation of monitors that include speakers, DisplayPort can provide both video and audio data, making it equally suitable as a DTV interface. DTVs that incorporate DisplayPort receivers allow users to enjoy video games, high definition movies, business presentations and other exciting computer video content on the big screen. Market research firm Instat anticipates that there will be more than 600 million DisplayPort-enabled products sold annually by 2012.

Within a DTV or monitor application, the PS161 is typically placed between the DisplayPort input and HDMI/DVI receiver circuit, which is often integrated into the DTV or monitor system chip. If an HDMI/DVI switch is used to support multiple inputs, the PS161 can be used on one of the switched inputs. The HDMI switch allows selection between multiple HDMI/DVI inputs, or the DisplayPort input via the PS161 DisplayPort to HDMI/DVI converter. The PS161 also supports DisplayPort audio, which is part of the DisplayPort standard. Along with video data, digital audio received at the PS161 DisplayPort input is retransmitted on the HDMI output.

The DisplayPort input of the PS161 accepts up to four main link lanes at up to 2.7 Gbit/sec per lane, the maximum configuration allowable by the current VESA DisplayPort standard. Parade’s proprietary advanced equalizer technology improves data transmission performance over long cables. Audio support includes up to eight channels of 24-bit LPCM data at a sample rate of 192kHz, and compressed audio according to IEC 60958. The HDMI/DVI output supports a maximum pixel clock of 165 MHz as allowed by the HDMI/DVI standard, with a color depth up to 12 bits per component for HDMI. The device is compliant with the latest HDMI 1.3a specification. An internal microcontroller, which handles the physical and link layer protocol conversion from DisplayPort format to HDMI/DVI format, is included so that no software changes are required in the host display.

“We simply wanted to help the DisplayPort eco-system,” says Jimmy Chiu, VP of Marketing at Parade. “Many DTVs now include DVI and VGA inputs for PC connection, so it only makes sense this input should transition to DisplayPort as the PC industry does the same. We were surprised about the level of interest in DisplayPort when we first surveyed DTV OEMs, and Parade is receiving considerable interest now that we have begun demoing the PS161 to leading manufacturers.”

Price and Availability

The PS161 is currently sampling and is priced at $3.75 in 100k volume. It comes in a 64-pin TQFP RoHS package.

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