Parade Technologies Delivers Low Power DisplayPort™ Timing Controller for Notebook LCD Panels

发表于18 8 月, 2008

Single‐Lane DisplayPort Receiver Integrates LCD Timing Controller for Embedded Display Applications

New DP606 is Lowest Power DisplayPort TCON Receiver on the Market

IDF San Francisco 2008

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Parade Technologies Ltd. (, a leading innovator of digital video interface products, has introduced the DP606 DisplayPort™ Mobile PC LCD Timing Controller. The DP606 was developed specifically for embedded notebook display applications, where DisplayPort serves as the video transport protocol between the notebook motherboard and display panel. The device uses a one‐lane DisplayPort interface and supports up to 1680 x 1050 pixel resolution. This resolution level covers almost all mainstream notebook PC applications. The DP606 is the second member of Parade Technologies’ DisplayPort product family for embedded applications. Today’s announcement complements the earlier release of the DP603, which supports a two‐lane interface for resolutions up to 1920 x 1200.

The DP606 was developed with low power consumption as a top priority, which translates into long battery life for a notebook PC. The DP606 has the lowest power consumption of any available DisplayPort timing controller (TCON) device. DP606 power consumption is also lower than many existing LVDS (low‐voltage, differential swing) TCON ICs, a motherboard‐to‐display interface technology used on the previous generation of notebook computers. The DP606 also leverages Parade’s proprietary advanced equalizer and clock‐data recovery (CDR) technology in the DisplayPort receiver. This allows the system integrator to skip the initial “link training” protocol specified for external DisplayPort devices, enabling an “instant on” display capability. It further simplifies power management by reducing driver overhead. The DP606 also feature Parade’s exclusive CrystalFree™ technology, which eliminates the need for an external timing reference crystal or clock source.

“Intel is excited with Parade’s product line up that will help to ramp the use of embedded DisplayPort in the PC notebook market,” says Eric Mentzer, Graphics Development Group General Manager , Intel Corporation. “Embedded DisplayPort in the notebook allows significant pin and interconnect reduction which simplifies design, and reduces EMI, while affording all of the bandwidth and features of the DisplayPort standard.”

Parade Technologies will be demonstrating the DP606 at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco during August 19‐21, 2008.

“The DisplayPort TCON has been a primary focus for Parade Technologies. A number of LCD panel vendors have introduced higher end panels using our existing DP621 and DP603 DisplayPort TCON products. The DP606 was tailored for mainstream notebook panels, and several of the top LCD panel vendors have already developed prototype panels using this device,” explained Jack Zhao, CEO of Parade Technologies. “The DP603 also continues to win designs in higher‐end notebooks, like consumer models featuring Blue Ray drives with 1080P displays and 24‐bit color.”

The DP606 is sampling now, and is priced at $1.90/unit in production volumes. The device is offered in a 64‐pin QFN (9x9mm) package.

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