Head of the Class: Parade’s DP621 is First DisplayPort Timing Controller to Pass New CTS Version 1.1 Electrical Tests

发表于24 3 月, 2009

Certified Component Now Available in Mass Production

SUNNYVALE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–March 24, 2009-Parade Technologies Ltd. (www.paradetech.com), a leading innovator of digital video interface products, successfully passed the newly released VESA DisplayPort™ Compliance Test Specifications with its DP621 LCD Timing Controller / DisplayPort Receiver. The DP621 is the very first DisplayPort LCD timing controller to pass the new, more rigorous CTS version 1.1. The newly released VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) specifications include the DisplayPort Link Layer Compliance Test Specification, Version 1.1, and the DisplayPort PHY Compliance Test Specification, Version 1.1.

The new DisplayPort version 1.1 test specifications include more rigorous testing for both interface signal integrity and protocol execution. Version 1.1 better assures device compliance, as well as interoperability with other devices and a variety of cable devices. In the near future, all DisplayPort Source and Sink devices will be required to pass the version 1.1 compliance test specifications in order to receive certification.

The DP621 is a LCD (liquid crystal display) timing controller for use in desktop DDM (Direct Drive Monitor) monitors. Because the DDM depends on the PC’s GPU (graphical processing unit) for scaling, color dithering and other functions, the timing controller is able to receive video directly from the PC. This reduces the cost and complexity of the display, and allows for a slimmer display profile. The VESA Direct Drive Monitor Specification was released in January 2009.

“Our experience in high speed data communications has led to optimized SERDES designs with unparalleled specification margins,” explains Jack Zhao, Parade’s CEO. “We were confident that we would easily meet the new, tougher PHY spec requirements of CTS version 1.1. On the link protocol side, our devices are very configurable allowing us to adapt to new customer or specification requirements.”

Price and Availability

The DP621 has been available to early adopter system integrators since January 2008 and has already been incorporated into production PC monitors. Now in full production and commercially available, the DP621 is priced at $3.10/ea. in 100k quantities. It comes in a 100-pin TQFP RoHS package.

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