eDP v1.3 LCD Timing Controller Family with PSR (Panel Self Refresh) Support, Up To 1080p

The DP633/643/653 is a family of LCD timing controller (Tcon) products that include an image frame buffer memory and support the PSR (Panel Self Refresh) feature defined in the VESA® Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) Standard version 1.3. Through the use of an innovative on-chip DRAM for the image frame buffer memory, the DP633/643/653 devices are optimized for mobile platforms by offering power consumption much lower than other PSR Tcon solutions.

The DP633/643/653 are pin-compatible with non-PSR eDP Tcons offered by Parade, enabling LCD panel product diversity with the same PCB and device footprint. The devices supports panel resolutions up to 1920×1080 with up to 24 bits color.